Skoolbo kids complete a quarter of a billion answers!

Skoolbo kids around the world have smashed through their first quarter of a billion answers with no signs of slowing down!

There's now over 21 000 schools using Skoolbo to help boost reading and literacy skills and with over 160 000 instances of skills improving by 100% we couldn't be happier with these amazing results.

You can always check back in on the Skoolbo statistics on our main website.

Coming up:

The Skoolbo Word Cup, staring 3rd December, will help students answer even more questions, as Australia takes on New Zealand and the US takes on the UK.

Make sure you join in on the fun and support your team!

Get ready for the first Skoolbo World Cup!



It's time to unite, New Zealand!

The Skoolbo World Cup challenge begins Wednesday 3rd December and goes until Tuesday 9th December.

Kiwi kids will take on Aussie kids to see who can answer the most questions in Skoolbo.

This is a great way to motivate students as we unite together to answer as many maths and literacy questions as we can. The World Cup will begin automatically, no sign up or registration is required. Participation from Wednesday 3rd to Tuesday 9th will count towards New Zealand’s grand total.

Join Team New Zealand in their friendly match up with the Aussie kids! You can keep track of the leader board on the website for live results.

How to join in on the fun:

On Wednesday 3rd of December, when your students log in to Skoolbo, they will see their avatar decked out in their team uniform. To make it fair, the points from the top 1,000 students from each country will be added to an overall tally.

If you don't yet have a Skoolbo account, you can register for free right here:



Henry Winkler - A Skoolbo Ambassador

I'm Henry Winkler and I'm excited to join Skoolbo as an Ambassador. I share Skoolbo's dream of the right every child has to "learn to read and gain confidence with numbers". I will do all that I can to help make that happen.

Skoolbo is a great game which I wish had been invented when I was at school. The fun animation, individual learning and the way kids engage with it is fantastic. Seeing children learning (without even realising it!), having fun and achieving such incredible results is so exciting!


My own childhood was so difficult because of undiagnosed dyslexia. I was told I was stupid, lazy and that I wasn't living up to my potential. My parents constantly grounded me for bad grades and I didn't see the moon for months. Even then, I still didn't get it. My German father used to call me "Dummer Hund". For those of you who don't speak German, that means "Dumb Dog". RRReaallly supportive parents!

When I was growing up, I was told I would never achieve anything. I became the class clown to cover up my shame and humiliation because I knew I wasn't keeping up. I didn't feel stupid inside but when, as a child you're told that you are stupid, you start to believe it.

Somewhere inside me, from the age of seven, I knew I wanted to be an actor, and I kept that dream in the centre of my mind. Putting one foot in front of the other, I finally graduated and went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama in 1970.

Life as an actor wasn't easy - reading scripts was a massive challenge. I learned to improvise. I reduced whole paragraphs to sounds to give the "essence" of the character. When I was working on Happy Days, that's where The Fonz's "Aaayy" came from. And I added "Whoa" which came from my favourite sport at the time, horseback riding.

As well as acting, I've now carved out a career as a children's author, with my writing partner, Lin Oliver. At one time, the thought of my name and the word author being in the same sentence would have made me laugh out loud. But this is what I learned in my life. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO UNTIL YOU TRY. We've written two series of novels for children - Ghost Buddy, Hank Zipzer and Here's Hank. Hank is a funny, adventurous schoolboy who just happens to have dyslexia. His glass is always half full. He just spills it everywhere. It's now a top-rating TV series on the BBC.

Hank is me - the neighbourhood, the stores, the park, the school, and even Ms. Adolf - the worst teacher in the universe - are all taken from my life. I often get mail from readers asking: "How do you know me so well?" and parents exclaiming that their children, who would never have attempted to read a book before, love reading and laughing about Hank Zipzer and continue to read though the series.

I am excited to tell people about Skoolbo. I look forward to having an avatar inside the game. It's a great way to learn. Who knows, I might even learn to spell myself! I tell every child I meet that how they learn has nothing to do with how brilliant they are. Their job is to find out what their gift is, dig it out and give it to the world. I cannot wait to see who they become.

I believe Shane and the team can achieve their amazing goal that 'every child' can learn to read and become confident with numbers and I look forward to playing my part to help this happen.

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