Language Dragons – A free language learning game for children within Skoolbo!

The Language Dragons have arrived!


  • Teach children French, Mandarin and Spanish for FREE
  • Help ESOL students improve their English
  • Covers a wide range of topics
  • Develop children's cultural awareness
  • Increase child's creative and cognitive abilities

Teach your child another language through Skoolbo

We are excited to announce the release of Language Dragons, a free language learning game within Skoolbo core skills.This new feature teaches children French, Mandarin and Spanish, with more languages set to be released in the future. Fly on magnificent dragons through the stunning in-game worlds, and play reading and listening games to improve language skills across a range of topics.

The gamification of language learning is a fun and captivating way to teach a child a new language. While textbook learning is a tried and true method, using game based learning is proven to be effective for engagement and motivation.

Help ESOL students with their English language skills

By switching the audio in settings, ESOL students (English as a second language) can select English as the target language. This feature has far reaching benefits for ESOL students, helping to promote improvement across their wider core skills.

Topics covered in Language Dragons

Language Dragons doesn't just teach children how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in another language. The in-game learning experience has been designed to cover a wide range of topics.

Language Dragons topics

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The benefits of teaching a child a foreign language

Learning a language at an early age has long term benefits, which is why more elementary/primary schools are implementing these skills into their current class curriculum.

  • Language-learning in education promotes global citizenship, and forms an essential part of pupils' developing cultural awareness and concern for others.
  • Languages in education is a leveller that helps all children feel included. Children who may not speak much English can be as good as everyone else in Spanish.
  • Learning another language at an early age also helps a child with their creative output as well as an increase in their cognitive abilities.

Update to the latest version to play Language Dragons

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The Language Dragons Are Coming


Good news Skoolbo fans! The Language Dragons are coming!

Just around the corner is the launch of French, Mandarin and Spanish language games within Skoolbo Core Skills. Fly on magnificent dragons through the stunning in-game worlds, and play reading and listening games to improve language skills across a range of topics. By switching the audio, ESOL students can select English as the target language.

Studies have shown that teaching a child another language can have far reaching benefits. Not only are they faster at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation, it will also help them with;

  • Increasing their creative output as well as an increase in their cognitive abilities
  • Increasing their global awareness, helping your child understand other cultures from around the world
  • Gives your child a sense of pride which boosts their confidence!

Watch the video to see a snippet of Language Dragons gameplay!

NZ Answer 50 Million Skoolbo Questions

Kiwi kids cruised past 50 Million Skoolbo answers on the weekend, this coming from 1441 registered schools, once again punching above their weight on the world stage.


Moreover, we have seen over 41,000 instances of skill improvement by 100% and over 163,000 instances of improvement by 10%.


The most impressive of these stats is Kiwi kids are showing an astonishing average improvement of over 41% making them world leaders.

Fantastic stuff New Zealand!

Go Kiwi Kids Go

Teachers: Top 4 tips to improve students' core skills with Skoolbo


Improving a child's educational outcome is at the core of everything we do here at Skoolbo. Given the time restrictions in a school day, we have constructed a useful list of easy ways to fit Skoolbo into your current class schedule to help improve your student’s core skills.

1. In class rotation/tumbles

Bring Skoolbo into your numeracy and literacy rotations/tumbles, or create it as an option within your personalised learning programme. The underlying algorithm within Skoolbo individualises each student’s learning experience, providing a balance of revision, practice and new learning.

2. Skoolbo time

Install the immersive 3D game on all computers/tablets and allow students 5-20 minute sessions on Skoolbo. It can be used as a warm-up before a lesson, a way to provide daily maintenance, a wet day lunch activity or as part of your rewards system. There are no in-game adverts or links, so it is always a safe learning environment.

3. Homework

Skoolbo is an excellent tool for your homework routine. Its differentiated approach helps all students gain success when learning at home. It provides a mixture of spelling, mathematics, vocabulary, reading and, of course, fun! This simple guide to give to parents will help get your students learning in their own home. You can monitor student results from your Teacher Dashboard

4. Physical Activity

Play our fun and energizing Zippy Shake game, an engaging activity programme for teachers to use on the interactive whiteboard or data projector. At approximately two and a half minutes long, it's perfect for a whole range of purposes e.g. moving around in between learning activities, re-focusing the class or as a warm-up for an indoor PE lesson. This can be played to energize the children, getting them ready to learn.

If you haven’t already registered for Skoolbo, you can register for FREE here!