4 Reasons to use Skoolbo – From UK’s Top Education Leaders

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Skoolbo is gaining traction and is getting recognised by some of the top leaders in education from the UK. Here are some reasons why you should be using Skoolbo as quoted by some of the best in education.

1. Charlie Love from Aberdeen City Council Learning Technologies puts it this way:

“Skoolbo is a free app that provides literacy and numeracy practice to support the curriculum in Primary. It uses “game theory” to provide an engaging learning environment with rewards, leaderboards and the chance to fail and try again, but it is totally focused on maths and literacy, so the game itself is very much about learning, it is not about playing a game as a reward for learning.” – Aberdeen City Council Learning Technologies

2. David Cameron, who has been a key figure in national developments in Scotland is quoted saying:


3. Education Consultant Malcolm Payton, who has led digital content programs for the Scottish Government and in the Middle East, believes this is one of the most significant developments he has ever seen in Education – He talks here about the recent Skoolbo Scottish Challenge that saw hundreds of Scottish schools compete with each other on the Skoolbo leaderboards.


4. Former HM Chief Inspector Frank Crawford perhaps summed it up most succinctly by saying: 


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25,000 Schools on Skoolbo and counting!

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Our dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE!

We are one big step closer to our dream with children in 25,000+ schools and counting across the globe now learning with Skoolbo!

This is a massive achievement and we are so excited to see this number grow with Skoolbo set to be released in Mexico, India and the Philippines this year!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters who joined us in making learning fun and free for all children.

Since we have launched we have added many new features to our growing list of learning games with many more to be released in the future!

Some of these include:

  • Language Dragons – children can learn French, Mandarin and Spanish with more languages coming soon!
  • Zippy Shake – bringing increased physical activity and music into the classroom, energizing the children and getting them ready to learn.
  • 60 Second Slime – increasing speed and accuracy in a fun rewarding game show

Stay tuned for more exciting Skoolbo updates to come!

Watch Skoolbo in Action

“I started using Skoolbo at Christmas not as a teacher but as a mum first. My son (6yrs) loves it.  He loves all the prizes and rewards.  As a teacher and mum I love that I can ‘assign’ tasks and also see his results.  This term I extended it to use with my Year 3/4 students. The kids love it and are at the envy of other students that have yet to be signed up to it.”  Laura Carter, Room 4, Mosston School, Wanganui

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