Skoolbo kids reach 3/4 billion answers worldwide!



We want to celebrate a super exciting achievement this week with children across the world now answering over 3/4 of a BILLION questions on Skoolbo, a mind blowing effort!

Congratulations to all the children and schools involved in reaching this massive milestone!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters who joined us in making learning fun and free for all children.

It’s all about the Improvement!

Improving educational outcomes is at the core of everything we do at Skoolbo. It is our reason for being and we are nothing short of obsessed with it. Skoolbo may look and feel like a game, but every component has the underlying rationale of maximising student improvement. Importantly, Skoolbo is a learning company that uses games as the central medium for learning. It is not a gaming company that simply adds some learning.

Below is a list of our top Kiwi schools who have answered a MILLION questions or more making it into our famous Million Club showing amazing improvement.

Go Skoolbo Kids Go!

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The Personal Best Wall of Fame is Here!

personal best blog (1)

We love it when children achieve their personal best and today is 1 millionth time a NZ child has set a new personal record on their reading or math on Skoolbo! Outstanding!

We’ve added personal bests to the main page of Skoolbo and we think it’s worth making a song and dance about! Children will be heavily motivated by seeing their brilliant performances recognized in this way.

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You, Kiwi Kids are amazing! Children in New Zeland are showing an average improvement of almost 40%!

Improvement 100

Make sure you keep checking to see if anyone from your school appears so that you can congratulate them and don’t forget achieving a personal best gives children the opportunity to send a Duelbo!

Go! KIWI Kids Go!

You will enjoy this new video outlining some of the underlying learning methodologies of Skoolbo!