Introducing Zippy Shine! A brand new learning app from Skoolbo!

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Children who struggle in vain with reading in the first school years soon decide that they neither like nor want to read.. Gaining confidence with reading is vital to better literacy outcomes and it’s important that they are encouraged every step of the way.

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While the importance of being able to read well is not in doubt, the seemingly effortless activity described as “good reading” is actually made up of a set of highly complex, skills and abilities.
This is where our brand new reading and performance app Zippy Shine can help.

Zippy Shine is packed full of jokes and mini-stories for children to read aloud and record. They’ll be amazed as they discover their own name appearing in every story! Once their performance is perfected, they can play it back for friends and family with their avatar taking centre stage!

Zippy shine brings a range of benefits for the children aged 7 to 11

  • the ability to evaluate their own performance
  • develop their comprehension skills
  • develops the concepts of expression and intonation
  • recognise and respond to punctuation in a meaningful context.
  • read questions and deliver a punchline with expert timing

Zippy Shine gives children the option to link with their existing Skoolbo account to enable sharing of their masterpieces with their parents and teacher to receive valuable feedback and some well deserved applause!

Download the app for a fun, enjoyable way to help children become confident, fluent, motivated readers. Who knows you may discover that the next master storyteller or comic genius is closer than you think! 

Download now!


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Celebrate Maori Language Week | Learn Te Reo on Ruggerland!

Maori Language Week Blog

Kia ora Skoolbo Community!

With Maori Language Week kicking off this week, there’s no better time to download Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars to play in class or at home! Ruggerland features Te Reo Maori with Maori Mega Stars and is a perfect way to celebrate something truly unique to our country!

Ruggerland takes less than a minute to set up and get the learning started!

A bit about Ruggerland

Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars, brought to you by New Zealand Rugby and Skoolbo, provides short bursts of focused learning within a fun game environment. Kiwi Kids can track their progress as they move from the status of Little Ripper to Super Black!

What will you find in Ruggerland

  • Spelling Legends: Essential Spelling Levels 1-8
  • Maori Mega Heroes: Te Reo content areas
  • Samoan Superstars: Samoan content areas
  • Kiwi All Stars: Maths, Literacy and General Knowledge quiz questions
  • Rugger Slimers: All Blacks and world rugby questions
ākina te reo!

Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars is free and is available for Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices

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