Fairhaven School is based in Te Puke – ‘Kiwifruit’ country. This school is a Decile 3 school with a roll of over 380 pupils and caters for Y1-6.

They are fully  ICT/technology focused with specific classes and ipads  available in each classroom. Fairhaven also has a dedicated computer suite, with a specialist ICT teacher.

Fairhaven has had a great many success through their work in the computer suite – this dates back to the establishment of the suite.

Fairhaven ipadfairhaven school on pc

There greatest achievement (other than the 1 million Skoolbo club of course!) is that they have managed to be a finalist in all 5 categories of the MADE (Movie and Digital Excellence) Awards since its inception in 2008. Taking out the Supreme award in 2013.

fairhaven made award winner

Weta workshop Supreme Award Winners in 2013

On top of it’s busy ICT life, Fairhaven School also runs a Maori bilingual Pod known as ‘Toitoi Manawa o Fairhaven”  This is a Level 2 Māori immersion unit (i.e. >50% instructional te reo)

Te Tipu’    Years 1-3   ‘Te Mahuri’    Years 4-6   

Fairhaven schools love of Skoolbo shows, with an average improvement rate of 28.6%, and the help of 14 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 13,101 Personal Bests.

You rock Fairhaven School-keep up the awesome work. Let’s get you into the 2 million club!

Fairhaven-logo_small_GO FAIRHAVEN SCHOOL GO!!

Will you be a Term 4 Super Teacher this year?



We’re aware of the time constraints that face teachers in term 4. Skoolbo has coined it the TERM 4 TIME MONSTER!

A teachers Term 4 time constraints can significantly impact stress levels as you madly go about completing extra end-of-year duties while trying to uphold the same amount of academic improvements achieved throughout the year.


To beat the Term 4 time monster we’re inviting all our teachers to end the year as Skoolbo Term 4 Super Teachers!



15 mins a day is all it takes! 


Skoolbo Super Teachers give their students Skoolbo to play in class, efficiently boosting student improvement and releasing time for you.

Kids love learning on Skoolbo and with our new and improved 3D web browser version,
there’s never been an easier and faster way to get your students learning on Skoolbo!

*Disclaimer Skoolbo unfortunately can not reduce the time you spend in staff meetings, your coffee habit or finding lost children’s clothes!


*Disclaimer Skoolbo unfortunately can not reduce the time you spend in staff meetings, your coffee habit or finding lost children’s clothes!


Make every second count by playing Skoolbo in class daily



Greytown School


Greytown School set in the heart of the gorgeous Wairarapa District, was established in 1857.  It is a full primary for students from Years 1-8.

The school draws students from the town and from the surrounding farming areas. Greytown is a Decile 4 school with a roll of over 340 pupils.

greytown app

It’s no surprise Greytown School has reached the million mark, they are very IT savvy, they have set up a downloadable smartphone App used to communicate to and from the school for parents and caregivers.

They also have computers in every classroom and the school library. The school has a network linking all classrooms and the office. With computers becoming an important part of the school programme all of the children will have access to computers.  Years 7 & 8 children are issued with a laptop each.


Greytown school loves Skoolbo and it shows, with an average improvement rate of 31.9%, and the help of 10 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 12,353 Personal Bests.

You rock Greytown School – keep up the awesome work.




raumata logo


Raumati Primary School is based in the beautiful Kapiti Coast, it is a decile 10 school, with a role of over 670 pupils – it has had a massive growth over the last 10 years.

raumati beach image 1

Raumati Primary School has a large emphasis on ‘e learning’,  they are part of an independent trust that assists parents with purchasing a device (BYOD) for their child, called The Whakaaro Hou Trust.  For many parents, cost is a significant factor in being able to provide a device, so Whakaaro Hou Trust has been formed to assist. The Trust aims to ensure that all students can afford a device. They mainly offer the purchase of a Chromebook and a package that includes the device, a case, warranty and insurance. This allows a Caregiver to pay off the device over a 2 or 3 year period.

We love Raumati Beach School Skoolbo enthusiasm; here are some wonderful comments from Room 9 that they wanted to share about how great Skoolbo is and why they love to play it.

raumati Beach school“I love Skoolbo so much because you can get so many points and prizes.  I love making my person and getting new airplanes.  I even like running in the Skoolbo race”  Anouk Rm 9

“I really like your game because it’s like learning and I love learning so I love it.  It’s the best game I’ve ever seen. It’s so fun I play it everyday.” Bella Rm 9

“What I like about Skoolbo is the races and spelling because it is fast and it’s fun to do.  Even hard stuff is fun like the nine time tables” Ryan Rm 9

“The thing I love the most about Skoolbo is that you can win prizes and have fun.  I love Skoolbo because you can verse other people in your classroom.  I love Skoolbo because you can have different types of planes”   Poppy Rm 9

“I love how you can get cool stuff like planes, get to choose your clothes and you can verse people.  It is the best and I really like the game.”    Molly Rm 9

Raumati Beach School loves of Skoolbo shows, with an average improvement rate of 30%, and the help of 10 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 11,733 Personal Bests.

We are very excited to have you on board and looking forward to posting your 2 million banner!



How to be a good reader

There has been huge emphasis recently on the importance of reading with your child. But what does good reading look like and how can you best support your child to both enjoy reading and develop the skills that will help them become confident, motivated, fluent readers?

booksWhy is it important that children enjoy reading?

Children who read for pleasure achieve better not only in English but also across a wide range of subjects including maths.

open-bookWhat is good reading?

Reading is about so much more than simply decoding print, it is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.


We tend to think that reading is a purely visual skill involving the ability to link letters to sounds. However, learning to read can also rely on a more complex set of underlying cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and sequencing.

Zippy Shine is a reading performance app that gives children the opportunity reach their potential in reading in a fun, enjoyable and safe way. It helps children develop the complex set of skills required to become a ‘good’ reader, placing them in control of their learning.

Children learn to read so they can read to learn!

You can download Zippy Shine for 50% off on iTunes or the Google Play Store.


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Introducing the NEW web version of Skoolbo – the easiest way to play!


We are proud to announce the release of our brand new and improved web version for an even better learning experience. The web-version has the look and feel of our award winning 3D app but can be played through your internet browser on any device — including Chromebooks!

To play Skoolbo online, simply follow the steps below:

1. Log in on your teacher dashboard
    Hint: Your username is your email. You can reset your password if needed.
2. Create and print your students’ logins
3. Have your students to log in and PLAY at

94% of children master a maths or reading skill within 20 minutes on Skoolbo which makes every minute count on our game based learning platform!




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Vogeltown LogoVogeltown Logo 2

Vogeltown 100As well as reaching the 1 million mark, Vogeltown School “The best school in New Plymouth” has just turned 100 years old.

Vogeltown is a decile 6 school with a role of just over 300 students.



Reaching the 1 million mark proves that Vogeltown school loves a challenge and to challenge their students, through both technology and physical activity. Cooking, mountain biking and gymnastics  are just some of the activities available to students at Vogeltown School. These activities are possible because teachers volunteer to share their outside interests as an extension activity for middle and senior students,  in order to stretch children to try new things.
Vogeltown RuggerIt’s pretty cool to see Rugger also makes an appearance at Vogeltown School both in person and through the new App (This is a FREE app that teaches spelling, Te Reo and Samoan).




Skoolbo was given some lovely teacher, student and parent feedback from Vogeltown School ;

“My kids love skoolbo and they really enjoy the spelling app on Ruggerland”

“Three parents have mentioned how Skoolbo has helped their child’s learning. One is particular, the parents couldn’t get their child interested in reading etc and now the first thing he wants to do when he gets home is play Skoolbo. They have seen a big change in his attitude and results at school”

Joanne Harold Room 5

“I use it everyday in my Senior Year 5/6 classroom and the children really love it. It’s great that the children can play against one another and choose their own topics. Presenting the Skoolbo 10,000 point trophy to the winners in the assemblies is a great celebration for their achievement. We have seen many junior school children achieve the 10,000 points and receive the trophy which their teachers are is ecstatic with.”

Josh Stirling Room 12

Some statements from kids are below;

“ I love learning new languages and customising my characters superheroes. Cody.S”

“ I love all the things you can buy with the bo coins and that you can face multiple schools around NZ. Kahn”

“ I like the fluency and spelling. Ruby”

“ I like the maths and learning new languages. Heremaia”

Vogeltown school loves Skoolbo and it shows, with an average improvement rate of 30%, and the help of 11 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 13656 Personal Bests.

Here are some cool kids from Mr Stirling’s Room 12 class having fun on Skoolbo.

Vogeltown -Room 11 & 12 (2)Vogeltown -Room 11 & 12 (8)

We are very excited to have you on board.



Why learning through play is revolutionising our classrooms

Learn through play global (1)


Living in the Digital Age means technology has become a necessity that has been woven into our lives and routines. The education sector is no different! Utilising digital tools and games for teaching reflects the shift to a more efficient learning structure within modern classrooms. Blended learning – the education program that integrates technology into the bulk of content delivery and classroom instruction – has been rapidly on the rise. Among these digital tools lies the often untapped potential of educating students through game-based learning.

Think of the smash hit Angry Birds and how the game mechanics work – you try to knock down buildings by projecting spherical objects with a slingshot. Now think about how – if applied to a physics class – students might be able to learn about the physics behind projectile motion, velocity, and acceleration. The ever-popular Minecraft game operates with the simple premise of world-building using blocks. This innately allows children to develop their spatial recognition and complex planning skills all while playing a game! Similarly, Skoolbo offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual world, where they watch their personalized avatars race and dance as they answer literacy and numeracy questions. The enjoyment children get from playing results in true engagement with their own learning. Before they know it, students are mastering skills ranging anywhere from vocabulary and sentence creation to telling time and multiplying.

Furthermore, Skoolbo fosters motivation and teamwork through its fun competitions. The Duelbo feature allows students to challenge a peer to beat their top score – an engaging way to promote some healthy competition among classmates. Involving friends gets children excited about what they are doing, and it motivates them to continue playing. Skoolbo also features Classbo, a tool that allows teachers to set benchmark goals for their classes. This compels all the students to work collectively to reach those targets! The big event everyone looks forward to is the annual Skoolbo World Cup, where students get to compete against their peers from around the world!



A big challenge in education is figuring out how to motivate reluctant learners. Common recommendations include praising students, rewarding positive behavior and finding ways to nurture intrinsic motivation within the student. Game-based learning allows students to feel enthusiastic about their learning experiences. Skoolbo allows students to customise their avatars so that they can have a personal connection and – by extension – will forge a special bond with their in-game character. This makes the game more meaningful for students overall!

Another benefit of learning through play is that students need not be in the classroom for this to happen! In fact, students can opt to use a learning app – such as Skoolbo – at home. This allows them to learn in a more relaxed environment, thus removing any stress associated with being in a formal school setting. Furthermore, it gives parents the opportunity to see their children actively engaging in learning while at home.

Skoolbo’s adaptive algorithm also plays a key part in ensuring student success. It scales the content difficulty depending on the student’s input, thus crafting a personally designed learning pathway for each student. This also makes sure that students won’t feel bored or stressed if the pacing is too slow or too fast, respectively.



Teachers have much to benefit from employing learning through play. To begin with, this boosts student morale. Secondly, teachers can see students’ progress based on how well they are doing in the game. Skoolbo’s Teacher Dashboard displays results for each student, making it easy for teachers to track how well each student is doing individually. Teachers can use that actionable data to assess and gauge where their students are compared to their expectations.

Students who learn through play experience an enjoyable and highly engaging learning process which in turn develops a natural love of learning. Game-based learning through edtech is a powerful tool for any teacher.


Want to know more about the effectiveness of  game-based learning through Skoolbo? We crunched some pretty big numbers recently, analysing key metrics of improvement from millions of children who play Skoolbo from around the world! Read the white paper!


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