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Pukete School set in the historic Pukete area (Hamilton) opened originally in 1879 and moved into it’s new site in 1973. It is a contributing primary school for students from Years 1-6 with a role of over 430 students.

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Pukete has a proud history and in 2015 – Pukete Pou was erected and unveiled in the school grounds, by Hon Te Ururoa Flavell. The main top figure depicts Wairere who was an important ancestor directly linked to the origins of the name Waikato following his birth during the 1600s.He was a famous chief and had many numerous descendants. His tribe, Ngati Wairere are the local iwi upon the lands that Hamilton City is built upon. There are several other representative figures on the Pou including the four individual faces of the winds (Nga hau e wha) which depict the journeys and travels of people from throughout the nation and across the world who associate with Pukete School. Another figure depicts Koura, She was an outstanding leader. She was has chosen as a deity for developing a strong leader.

Pukete Pou

Pukete Pou

Reaching the 1 million mark was helped by the fact that Pukete School are very well resourced for digital learning. All classes have screens that can be used for teaching, and sharing digital learning. Across the school they have a variety of devices available for learning including iPads, Apple TVs, laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. These are integrated into classroom programmes as tools to extend learning, access information, and work collaboratively.


Pukete School loves Skoolbo and it shows, with an average improvement rate of 33.5%, and the help of 17 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 14,448 Personal Bests.


You rock Pukete School-keep up the awesome work.




Super St Claudine Thevenet School – 1 Million Answers!!!

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St Claudine Thevenet School is based in Wainuiomata. The school opened in 2005, as a result of St Matthew’s and St Patrick’s Schools merging.

st claudine appSt Claudine Students

St Claudine is another school that has embraced the new Technical age with both hands, one of there main lines of communications now is through the St Claudine Thevenet School App.

Here is St Claudine Thevenet in house Skoolbo leaderboard with very strong results coming from D2 and B3, not that we can ignore C2 and C3 who have also gone beyond the 100,000 questions mark.

claudine leaderboard

St Claudine Thevenet School is a decile 3, Full Primary School (Year 1-8), with over 266 students on their roll.

Reaching 1 million answers was helped by 16 Skoolbo Super champs, students that have answered over 10,000 questions. Throughout the St Claudine Thevenet School has managed just over 12,200 personal bests and an average improvement rate per student of over 35%. Wow incredible stuff!



St Claudine Mural


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New Lynn School is based in Auckland. They have a rich history opening in 1888 with 61 pupils and one teacher (that’s one very busy teacher!). Children originally came to school on horseback.

New Lynn School

New Lynn School has embraced there cultural diversity, opening a Confucius Classroom. “Being a Confucius Classroom means you can have an even better Chinese programme.”

Janine Chin, Manager at Confucius Institute also said she commended Greg Roebuck, the principal and the school teaching staff on their Chinese language commitment to date which has seen students grow and use their Chinese more confidently. “Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world” she said. “Learning Chinese enables you to learn many new things and make lots of new friends.”

We expect the Skoolbo Mandarin Language dragon is well used in this classroom!


New Lynn School is a decile 4, contributing (Year 1-6), with over 365 students on their roll.

Reaching 1 million answers was helped by 18 Skoolbo Super champs, students that have answered over 10,000 questions and 16 classes that have answered over 50,000 questions. Throughout the school New Lynn has managed just under 10,000 personal bests and an average improvement rate per student of over 31%. Wow incredible stuff!!


Super Sherwood Primary School! Welcome to the Million Club.

Sherwood Primary LogoSherwood Primary School is located in Browns Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. It has a role of around 460 students from new entrants to Year 6.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 2.08.32 pm


Sherwood School has a strong focus on the use of technology and eLearning to support children’s education and each classroom is well equipped for this. With this in mind it is no wonder that the talented students have answered over 1 Million questions on Skoolbo.

Sherwood Laptops

Sherwood school has over 11,359 Personal best on Skoolbo with 23 Super Champs (Students that have answered over 10k), they have 2 classes sitting above 100,000 answers and the whole school has an average improvement rate of 35.6%.

Sherwood Leaderboard


In June this year Sherwood School had a fantastic visit from Mr Stu Duval where the students had 2 sessions with him on storytelling and cartooning, it is so wonderful to see that not only do the children, work hard on their literacy and maths skills but also take time out to explore their creative side.Sherwood Stu Duval



Good Going Glen Eden School to Reach 1 Million Answers on Skoolbo!!!!


Last year Glen Eden Primary School celebrated its 100th year anniversary, what a fantastic milestone for the school, in 2016 we are celebrating yet another milestone, the students reaching the Million Club on Skoolbo!

GEPS Leaderboard

Room 12 are not far away from yet another wonderful celebration, with just over 8,500 questions to go, their class will have answered 100,000 questions!

Glen Eden Primary School is based in West Auckland and has a role of 360   students. Part of GEPS vision is;“We believe that all children are capable of achieving and encourage them to do this to the highest standard. We find ways to make children’s learning exciting and meaningful in an environment that is both stimulating and inviting. We provide authentic contexts in which to learn. We know that everyone learns differently and at different stages. We provide programmes that challenge children and push them to think. Our major emphasis is on literacy and numeracy”.

Glen Eden School takes great pride in the different cultures that their children represent, last week they had both the Kapa Haka and Samoan groups perform in the Kelifest.

GEPS Kapa HakaGEPS Samoan

During term 4 the students will get a chance to try out new activities through their elective programme, Garden to Table, weaving, mural making, ice skating and many more! What a fantastic way to finish the school year and to make learning both fun and rewarding.

GEPS Garden

We are sure that they will still find time to continue on their fantastic Skoolbo learning journey and to grow their numbers from 8,412 Personal Best and an average improvement rate of 28.7%.

Go Glen Eden Primary School Go!!!!


High Five to Hillcrest Normal School!!

Hillcrest Normal School Logo

Answering one million questions on Skoolbo is an outstanding achievement and we are excited to welcome the students of Hillcrest Normal School to our Million Club, they join an elite group of 31 NZ schools. Only 233 Schools worldwide are members of this club!

Hillcrest Normal Laptops

With a role of 415 students and a school vision of “Developing lifelong learners who are confident, connected and actively involved in their learning”.  No wonder they have answered over 1 million question with 11,359 Personal Best, and an average improvement rate of 35.6%.

This kind of success doesn’t just happen and we know that reaching this level requires great determination and self-belief on behalf of the students. We’re sure they have also had wonderful enabling support from some pretty fantastic parents, carers and teachers.

Hillcrest Normal School CupcakesHillcrest Normal Climbing

Not only are the students from Hillcrest Normal School whizzes on Skoolbo but they are also amazingly active and super creative!!!!


Go Hillcrest Normal Go!!!!!

The Skoolbo World Cup is just around the corner! Let’s WIN NZ!

The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a third year! Children in NZ will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the USA, UK and Australia.

Running from Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th of December, your students’ avatars will wear a new Team NZ uniform. Every question your students answer correctly puts NZ one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate and engage students to learn by answering lots of maths and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go Kiwi Kids! Go!

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