Skoolbo 2.0 – The Snazzimals are Coming!

Look out for some great new additions to Skoolbo in September when we release Skoolbo 2.0!

  • Early Readers: The inclusion of over 500 levelled early reader eBooks ideal for taking beginning readers through to being able to read chapter books. Teachers and parents will be able to list back to the child’s reading to help give further guidance and see improvement over time.
  • Narrated Lessons: Hundreds of narrated lessons helping teach fundamental concepts.
  • Content for Preschoolers: The inclusion of a wide range of new learning materials specifically designed for 3 to 5 year olds. There is a special focus on vocabulary development.
  • Expansion of Languages: The inclusion of hundreds of lessons and songs to aid the learning of Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Snazzimals – New Reward Structure Centred Around Daily Quests: The addition of the wonderfully cute Snazzimals which students will collect as a reward for completing a daily learning quest.
  • Learning Songs and Brain Breaks: Hundred of songs specifically designed to aid learning and promote activity.
  • Brain Games: The addition of purpose built cognitive games designed to aid logic, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, concentration and memory skills for young children.
  • Web Browser: A revamped web browser experience which is especially important for the nearly 40% of students who access Skoolbo via the web. The browser and app experience will be fully integrated.
  • Free for Schools: We are delighted to confirm Skoolbo will remain free for schools. There will however be the addition of inexpensive family accounts (approximately $8 per month) for home use.

The Skoolbo team are super excited about the launch of Skoolbo 2.0 and we can’t wait to share the many wonderful new learning materials with everyone come September!


Beach Haven School based in the North Shore, Auckland is a Decile 4 contributing Yr1-6 School. They have close to 360 pupils.  The students and staff keep themselves very busy, only in the last couple of  months, they have managed to fit in:

Visit to the beach

Learning to play hockey.

Swimming Lessons

Bug Hunting







Beach Haven School has been playing Skoolbo from when we first hit New Zealand back in mid 2014, through this time, they have managed an amazing average improvement rate of 31.1%, and have produced 20 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 12019 Personal Bests.

Below is some lovely feedback we received from Beach Haven School about Skoolbo:

1- What do you like best about playing Skoolbo?


Learning about literacy and maths.

Helps us to learn maths, spelling, literacy, timetables and get better at basic facts.

We like maths the most.

You get better at what you are not the best.

2- What do you think you’ve got better at since playing Skoolbo? (eg 7 x table/spelling)

Telling the time, divided by, timetables and spelling.

Maths, doing doubles, times tables, add and sub.

Spelling because so then we can continue to improve our writing skills.

Maths and spelling

We are so happy to welcome you to the 1 million club.