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Pukete School set in the historic Pukete area (Hamilton) opened originally in 1879 and moved into it’s new site in 1973. It is a contributing primary school for students from Years 1-6 with a role of over 430 students.

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Pukete has a proud history and in 2015 – Pukete Pou was erected and unveiled in the school grounds, by Hon Te Ururoa Flavell. The main top figure depicts Wairere who was an important ancestor directly linked to the origins of the name Waikato following his birth during the 1600s.He was a famous chief and had many numerous descendants. His tribe, Ngati Wairere are the local iwi upon the lands that Hamilton City is built upon. There are several other representative figures on the Pou including the four individual faces of the winds (Nga hau e wha) which depict the journeys and travels of people from throughout the nation and across the world who associate with Pukete School. Another figure depicts Koura, She was an outstanding leader. She was has chosen as a deity for developing a strong leader.

Pukete Pou

Pukete Pou

Reaching the 1 million mark was helped by the fact that Pukete School are very well resourced for digital learning. All classes have screens that can be used for teaching, and sharing digital learning. Across the school they have a variety of devices available for learning including iPads, Apple TVs, laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. These are integrated into classroom programmes as tools to extend learning, access information, and work collaboratively.


Pukete School loves Skoolbo and it shows, with an average improvement rate of 33.5%, and the help of 17 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 14,448 Personal Bests.


You rock Pukete School-keep up the awesome work.




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