Skoolbo 2.0 – The Snazzimals are Coming!

Look out for some great new additions to Skoolbo in September when we release Skoolbo 2.0!

  • Early Readers: The inclusion of over 500 levelled early reader eBooks ideal for taking beginning readers through to being able to read chapter books. Teachers and parents will be able to list back to the child’s reading to help give further guidance and see improvement over time.
  • Narrated Lessons: Hundreds of narrated lessons helping teach fundamental concepts.
  • Content for Preschoolers: The inclusion of a wide range of new learning materials specifically designed for 3 to 5 year olds. There is a special focus on vocabulary development.
  • Expansion of Languages: The inclusion of hundreds of lessons and songs to aid the learning of Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Snazzimals – New Reward Structure Centred Around Daily Quests: The addition of the wonderfully cute Snazzimals which students will collect as a reward for completing a daily learning quest.
  • Learning Songs and Brain Breaks: Hundred of songs specifically designed to aid learning and promote activity.
  • Brain Games: The addition of purpose built cognitive games designed to aid logic, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, concentration and memory skills for young children.
  • Web Browser: A revamped web browser experience which is especially important for the nearly 40% of students who access Skoolbo via the web. The browser and app experience will be fully integrated.
  • Free for Schools: We are delighted to confirm Skoolbo will remain free for schools. There will however be the addition of inexpensive family accounts (approximately $8 per month) for home use.

The Skoolbo team are super excited about the launch of Skoolbo 2.0 and we can’t wait to share the many wonderful new learning materials with everyone come September!

Skoolbo World Cup 2016 – Final Results

Congratulations3 (1) copy


The final results are in for the Skoolbo World Cup, and the winner for two years in a row is Team Australia!  Well done neighbours!



We certainly started off with a black out but unfortunately were over taken by the bigger nations.  I want to thank our team captains for all the effort they put into the videos they kindly shared with us! Special mention has to go to Room 8 from Papakura School for their amazing mannequin challenge video I think this is still the best yet!!!

Room 8 Papakura School Mannequin Challenge

In 4 days NZ students answered 611,972 Skoolbo questions with The Dunes from Mt Manguanui School finishing up in world, top 10 classes with 38,404 answers.  I’m sure those wonderful minds will be looking forward to a #Brain Break over the holidays.



Students all over the world answered more than 10.4 million questions! – Wow that is a wonderful effort and I am so proud of each and everyone of you that took part.

Thank you all for a fun-filled, challenging and nail-biting World Cup. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Happy Holidays from the Skoolbo Team.

The Last Day!

This is it – the final day! Team New Zealand let’s finish big!

Since the first day, you have been awesome, you just need to keep going a little longer.

Team Australia have a strong lead and may be hard to catch but Team GB and Team USA will be doing their best to overtake you so we can’t relax.


Keep playing!



Or if you’re not registered, it’s not too late!



It's Day 3 and Team New Zealand make the half million mark!

It’s the start of day three and the leader boards reveal that Team New Zealand, Team GB and Team USA are fighting a close battle but it is Team Australia who are seemingly impossible to topple!

1However, here at Skoolbo, we firmly believe that anything is possible so come on Team New Zealand, let’s get ready to take on the Aussies!

We have passed the half million answer mark and now that Team GB and Team USA are sleeping we have a chance to cover some ground and get more Kiwi schools into the top ten. Here’s how the leader boards looked earlier today –


Australia’s John XXIII Catholic Primary School and St Clare’s Primary School are looking comfortable at the top with St Michael’s School sneaking into fourth place. Team USA had a good day and have four schools in the top ten. Beverley Manor Elementary are continuing their good run as are Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary and Melba Elementary School. Spring Creek Elementary are also up there flying the Stars and Stripes!

Don’t be fooled by Team New Zealand’s temporary absence on the schools leader board. We have some dedicated classes determined to oust Team Australia and claim glory. Room 08 from Papakura Normal School, Room 14 from Marlborough School and Room 11 from Greytown School had great days yesterday –


Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

Follow the challenge – #SkoolboWorldCup


Or register here –



Day 2 is underway! Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

By lunchtime yesterday, children from across the globe had collectively answered over one million questions! We thought that was pretty amazing until we took a look this morning…over three and a half million questions!

Day 2

This is an awesome achievement and everyone taking part has every reason to feel enormously proud. Of course it is made all the more special as every answer given represents another step a student has made towards mastering a new maths, literacy or language skill!

Whilst we are delighted with our collective performance, it is the accomplishment of individual territories that will determine the overall winner and New Zealand is ready for the challenge!

This is how the leader board looked yesterday –

Leaderboard 1

The amazing effort by St Clare’s Primary School on day one meant that they managed to hold on to the top spot despite a strong performance from Team GB’s Knockloughrim Primary School. Team New Zealand’s Greytown School and Papakura Normal School did well and secured prestigious places in the top ten as did Team USA’s Beverley Manor Elementary. The seemingly unbeatable Roseville Public School, St Michael’s School, John XXIII Catholic School and Yugumbir State School stayed in the top ten but it was ‘all change’ only hours later –

Leaderboard 2

Papamoa School pulled out all the stops to edge their way into the top ten for Team New Zealand – incredible effort! Can Team New Zealand pass the half million mark?

Team GB and Team USA have their work cut out – watch this space!

Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

Just hit ‘PLAY’




3, 2, 1, Go! The World Cup Has Started!

gif 4

The wait is over, the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup has commenced!
Team New Zealand have made a flying start, although the time difference has given you a few more playing hours (as it stands). But it’s only day one and we have already surpassed the global one million answer mark! Fantastic!

Day 1


Australian schools have dominated the leader boards on the first day. As it stands, St Clare’s Primary School are looking hard to beat but a concerted effort from two Kiwi schools – Greytown School and Papakura Normal School could topple them. Team GB have nudged their way into the top ten and their day isn’t over yet. It’s all still to play for…

LeaderboardTeam New Zealand, you have made an awesome start, let’s aim to continue the momentum tomorrow!

8Are you ready to take on the world? Play now or register free!



Brain Breaks – New From Skoolbo!


Introducing Skoolbo Brain Breaks! Get 20 great songs for students to sing and dance along to in class. Ideal for ages 5 to 8, these two minute bursts of activity between lessons can be beamed up on a data projector, interactive whiteboard or a TV!

You can install Skoolbo Brain Breaks once on your PC or Mac meaning there’s no need for an internet connection in your classroom!

Key Pedagogies

  • Encourages singing, dancing and drama
  • Develops gross motor skills
  • Promotes vocabulary and imagination
  • Builds memory and articulation
  • Gets kids active
  • Wonderful class bonding and lots of smiles
  • A fun break between lessons!


The team behind Skoolbo Brain Breaks

Melissa Georgiou leads a team of super-talented singers and performers from across the world. The team has more than 50 years of combined experience in teaching singing and dancing to young children. We are passionate about children being active and developing their singing and dancing skills. Find out more.



Are you ready to win?


It’s time to show the world what team NZ can do. On Tuesday, the 6th December children across New Zealand will compete with children in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States for the title of World Skoolbo Champion. Answer as many questions as you can on reading, maths and languages during the 4 day event.

Check out our Talented Team Captains – Room 8 from Papakura Normal School doing the Kiwi Skoolbo World Cup Mannequin challenge –

Would you share with us your World Cup preparations?

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go Kiwi Kids! Go!

Pukete Logo

Pukete School set in the historic Pukete area (Hamilton) opened originally in 1879 and moved into it’s new site in 1973. It is a contributing primary school for students from Years 1-6 with a role of over 430 students.

Pukete Map

Pukete has a proud history and in 2015 – Pukete Pou was erected and unveiled in the school grounds, by Hon Te Ururoa Flavell. The main top figure depicts Wairere who was an important ancestor directly linked to the origins of the name Waikato following his birth during the 1600s.He was a famous chief and had many numerous descendants. His tribe, Ngati Wairere are the local iwi upon the lands that Hamilton City is built upon. There are several other representative figures on the Pou including the four individual faces of the winds (Nga hau e wha) which depict the journeys and travels of people from throughout the nation and across the world who associate with Pukete School. Another figure depicts Koura, She was an outstanding leader. She was has chosen as a deity for developing a strong leader.

Pukete Pou

Pukete Pou

Reaching the 1 million mark was helped by the fact that Pukete School are very well resourced for digital learning. All classes have screens that can be used for teaching, and sharing digital learning. Across the school they have a variety of devices available for learning including iPads, Apple TVs, laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. These are integrated into classroom programmes as tools to extend learning, access information, and work collaboratively.


Pukete School loves Skoolbo and it shows, with an average improvement rate of 33.5%, and the help of 17 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 14,448 Personal Bests.


You rock Pukete School-keep up the awesome work.




Super St Claudine Thevenet School – 1 Million Answers!!!

St Claudine Logo

St Claudine Thevenet School is based in Wainuiomata. The school opened in 2005, as a result of St Matthew’s and St Patrick’s Schools merging.

st claudine appSt Claudine Students

St Claudine is another school that has embraced the new Technical age with both hands, one of there main lines of communications now is through the St Claudine Thevenet School App.

Here is St Claudine Thevenet in house Skoolbo leaderboard with very strong results coming from D2 and B3, not that we can ignore C2 and C3 who have also gone beyond the 100,000 questions mark.

claudine leaderboard

St Claudine Thevenet School is a decile 3, Full Primary School (Year 1-8), with over 266 students on their roll.

Reaching 1 million answers was helped by 16 Skoolbo Super champs, students that have answered over 10,000 questions. Throughout the St Claudine Thevenet School has managed just over 12,200 personal bests and an average improvement rate per student of over 35%. Wow incredible stuff!



St Claudine Mural