Skoolbo 2.0 – The Snazzimals are Coming!

Look out for some great new additions to Skoolbo in September when we release Skoolbo 2.0!

  • Early Readers: The inclusion of over 500 levelled early reader eBooks ideal for taking beginning readers through to being able to read chapter books. Teachers and parents will be able to list back to the child’s reading to help give further guidance and see improvement over time.
  • Narrated Lessons: Hundreds of narrated lessons helping teach fundamental concepts.
  • Content for Preschoolers: The inclusion of a wide range of new learning materials specifically designed for 3 to 5 year olds. There is a special focus on vocabulary development.
  • Expansion of Languages: The inclusion of hundreds of lessons and songs to aid the learning of Spanish and Mandarin.
  • Snazzimals – New Reward Structure Centred Around Daily Quests: The addition of the wonderfully cute Snazzimals which students will collect as a reward for completing a daily learning quest.
  • Learning Songs and Brain Breaks: Hundred of songs specifically designed to aid learning and promote activity.
  • Brain Games: The addition of purpose built cognitive games designed to aid logic, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, concentration and memory skills for young children.
  • Web Browser: A revamped web browser experience which is especially important for the nearly 40% of students who access Skoolbo via the web. The browser and app experience will be fully integrated.
  • Free for Schools: We are delighted to confirm Skoolbo will remain free for schools. There will however be the addition of inexpensive family accounts (approximately $8 per month) for home use.

The Skoolbo team are super excited about the launch of Skoolbo 2.0 and we can’t wait to share the many wonderful new learning materials with everyone come September!

Educational resources to enrich learning experiences!

The Learnathon is well and truly underway! Children from around the world are taking on the challenge of answering 1,000 literacy, maths and language questions, which is resulting in fantastic improvement in essential foundational skills. These superstars of learning are being encouraged by family and friends who are pledging their support in their thousands! 100% of funds raised goes directly to the participant’s teacher in the form of credit to spend in the new educational resource shop.

We thought it was now time to give you a little taster of some of the fabulous classroom resources that will shortly be available for teachers to spend their Learnathon credit on. We are working with a number of top educational companies to bring you resources that aim to both enrich the learning experience of students and save valuable planning time.

Ensuring that children develop higher order reading skills, and really get the most from their guided reading sessions, can mean long hours spent on planning. Now that task is easier with these incredible ready-made reading resources from children’s newspaper publisher, First News.

The team of educators and journalists at First News have created a brilliant range of focused, levelled tasks based on real global news stories. Like authors, journalists play with language, so news ‘stories’ are rich nuggets of text to investigate. Children will need to use the higher level skills of inference and deduction to understand in depth what is being reported.

News reports are unique non-fiction texts that naturally engage students, helping them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider world. The reports are ideal for short, focused comprehension or discussion activities. They provide children with the opportunity to find fascinating facts and to recognise and appreciate the opinions and viewpoints of others.

First News has been producing their original children’s newspaper for over ten years. From reluctant readers to high achievers, First News leads to deeper thinking, stronger classroom debate and real improvement in literacy skills.

Where every student thinks like a scientist

The team behind the discovery of the wreck of RMS Titanic are on a new mission – to inspire and educate students everywhere through real science and exploration.

JASON Learning provides curriculum and learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) and high-quality professional development for teachers.

JASON Learning’s award-winning curricula places students in challenging, real-world situations where they are connected with and mentored by leading STEM professionals. The organisation has developed the only major science curriculum built around real-world phenomenon and guided by practising scientists and there are some pretty exciting resources to help teachers excite their students and deepen understanding. And there is a wide range of topics to choose from. We’ve given you just a little taster below –

Not on board yet?

Don’t worry, it’s not too late to join the Learnathon and it’s completely free to take part.

If you have already have a Skoolbo account, simply sign in to your teacher dashboard to print your letter to parents then get your students playing. It’s that simple!

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Calling all parents – pledge your support!

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to motivate and reward great learning, and now you can too with Learnathon!

Did you know that 94% of children master a new skill after only 20 minutes on Skoolbo? During the Learnathon your child will be challenged to answer 1,000 maths, literacy and language questions, providing the opportunity for securing many of those essential foundational skills. And now you can provide some vital additional motivation by pledging your support.

Every cent you pledge will be converted to credit for your child’s teacher to spend on amazing resources in our new educational resource shop. This means that not only will your child receive recognition from you for their efforts and achievements, you will also be making a direct positive contribution to the learning resources available to them.

There’s a little extra motivation for players too! The Skoolbo team have created some exciting digital rewards that students can earn during the Learnathon. For example, answering 1,000 questions will be rewarded with a fabulous hypersonic jet!

How do I pledge my support?

Your child has their own dedicated fundraising page which shows how many questions they have answered so far and the amount they have raised through their efforts. All donations are handled safely via Skoolbo, so it couldn’t be simpler!

If you have been sent a letter by your child’s school then it contains the link to your child’s fundraising page. The letter is also available to you on the homepage of your parent dashboard.

Don’t have a parent account?

Then sign up for one today! It’s completely free and only takes a moment to set up. You’ll just need your child’s username and password.

Spread the word! Why not invite family and friends to pledge their support too! Remember 100% of funds raised will go to your child’s teacher.

Let the Learnathon commence!


Learnathon is here!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Skoolbo Learnathon – an innovative and exciting way to improve educational outcomes for learners while, at the same time, raising extra funds for their classroom!

Students are challenged to answer 1,000 reading and maths questions. Family and friends can pledge their support and 100% of funds raised go towards teaching resources. There is no administration for teachers involved and all donations are handled safely via Skoolbo – it could not be simpler!

All funds raised will be given to participating children’s teachers as credit in the new Skoolbo shop. Just take a look at some of the outstanding providers we have teamed up with!

And we have added a little extra motivation for players too! The Skoolbo team have created some exciting digital rewards that students can earn during the Learnathon. For example, answering I,000 questions will be rewarded with a fabulous hypersonic jet!

Sign in to your Parent or Teacher dashboard and see what it’s all about!

Or register for free!

Great learning deserves great rewards!



Solway School is based in the Wairarapa town of Masterton in the Wellington District. It is a decile 6 school for over 220 year 1 to 6 students.

We can only assume that with over  81% of Solway’s students at or above National Standards for reading and Maths their awesome teaching team and maybe Skoolbo’s 1 million questions answered has helped to contribute to their success.

ICT is obviously a focus at Solway with the teaming up of Tiny Mighty Power company to help fundraise $7,000 for new I-Pads. Solway also has a digital suite run by a specialist ICT teacher.

The Solway Primary is involved is a couple of very cool projects the first is their connection to the local Arrow FM Radio station, the students host a live show on a regular basis. The second is their involvement since 2008 with Operation Christmas Child, the years 4-6 collect gifts to be put into shoeboxes and distributed to those less fortunate than themselves.

It’s no wonder Solway Primary has reached the million club with an impressive 36.3% improvement rate throughout the students, 22 Super-champs in the school, this means 22 student have personally answered more than 10,000 questions and the very clever students have managed over 14550 personal bests along the way!

A warm Skoolbo welcome to the 1 million club.







Rhode Street School “The best little school on the planet”  is located in the south western Hamilton suburb of Dinsdale in the North Island. The school was established in 1959 and continues to deliver effective learning and teaching programmes for Year 0 to Year 8 students. They are a decile 2 school (averaging around 220 students) with fantastic class/teacher ratios (average 20 students per teacher).

Rhode Street School, recognised nationally  (including TV appearances!) for its innovative teaching methods, sustainable practices, and participation in the Enviroschools programme, has  a kitchen garden area complete with chickens and a wood-fired pizza oven, a commercial teaching kitchen, tunnel house (great use of the old swimming pool space!) and hydroponics centre, an organic orchard,  Kai Time student cafe and there own radio station.

Enviroschools support children and young people to plan, design and implement sustainability actions that are important to them and their communities. The aim is to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably.

It’s no wonder Rhode Street has reached the 1 million club with an amazing average improvement rate of over 36% and 14463 Personal Bests with 11 very proud Skoolbo Super champs (Individuals that have answered 10,000 questions or more like Savanah!).

A warm Skoolbo welcome to the 1 million club.






Carisbrook School is based in Dunedin in the South Island, unusually, the school comprises of two different campuses. The Main Site is designed as a modern learning environment and is being used as an example for the development of other schools throughout New Zealand. The School is decile 3  for Yr 1-8 with over 330 students.

It seems that Carisbrook School knows how to have fun, check out their Hip Hop students leading a flashmob!

Flashmob Octagon


Carisbrook Schools Hip Hop students participated in a Sport of Otago organised flashmob held in the Octagon. The Carisbrook Hip Hop team were responsible for organising the flashmob dance and lead the moves in the Octagon. The students even made it on television that night.





It’s no surprise Carisbrook School has reached the Million Club with there Skoolbo history having been very enthusiastic World Cup Captains in the past! Carisbrook also has an amazing average improvement rate of over 31% and 1355 Personal Bests with 11 very proud Skoolbo Super champs (Individuals that have answered 10,000 questions or more!).

We are so happy to welcome you to the 1 million club.


Skoolbo World Cup 2016 – Final Results

Congratulations3 (1) copy


The final results are in for the Skoolbo World Cup, and the winner for two years in a row is Team Australia!  Well done neighbours!



We certainly started off with a black out but unfortunately were over taken by the bigger nations.  I want to thank our team captains for all the effort they put into the videos they kindly shared with us! Special mention has to go to Room 8 from Papakura School for their amazing mannequin challenge video I think this is still the best yet!!!

Room 8 Papakura School Mannequin Challenge

In 4 days NZ students answered 611,972 Skoolbo questions with The Dunes from Mt Manguanui School finishing up in world, top 10 classes with 38,404 answers.  I’m sure those wonderful minds will be looking forward to a #Brain Break over the holidays.



Students all over the world answered more than 10.4 million questions! – Wow that is a wonderful effort and I am so proud of each and everyone of you that took part.

Thank you all for a fun-filled, challenging and nail-biting World Cup. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Happy Holidays from the Skoolbo Team.

The Last Day!

This is it – the final day! Team New Zealand let’s finish big!

Since the first day, you have been awesome, you just need to keep going a little longer.

Team Australia have a strong lead and may be hard to catch but Team GB and Team USA will be doing their best to overtake you so we can’t relax.


Keep playing!



Or if you’re not registered, it’s not too late!



It's Day 3 and Team New Zealand make the half million mark!

It’s the start of day three and the leader boards reveal that Team New Zealand, Team GB and Team USA are fighting a close battle but it is Team Australia who are seemingly impossible to topple!

1However, here at Skoolbo, we firmly believe that anything is possible so come on Team New Zealand, let’s get ready to take on the Aussies!

We have passed the half million answer mark and now that Team GB and Team USA are sleeping we have a chance to cover some ground and get more Kiwi schools into the top ten. Here’s how the leader boards looked earlier today –


Australia’s John XXIII Catholic Primary School and St Clare’s Primary School are looking comfortable at the top with St Michael’s School sneaking into fourth place. Team USA had a good day and have four schools in the top ten. Beverley Manor Elementary are continuing their good run as are Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary and Melba Elementary School. Spring Creek Elementary are also up there flying the Stars and Stripes!

Don’t be fooled by Team New Zealand’s temporary absence on the schools leader board. We have some dedicated classes determined to oust Team Australia and claim glory. Room 08 from Papakura Normal School, Room 14 from Marlborough School and Room 11 from Greytown School had great days yesterday –


Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

Follow the challenge – #SkoolboWorldCup


Or register here –