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Download our recent white paper to see why Skoolbo is showing real improvement in students’ reading and maths skills

As we’re sure you already know, Skoolbo is a highly beneficial and free eLearning tool that helps kids across the globe have fun while improving their literacy and numeracy skills. To give you an even better look at just how well Skoolbo works, we’ve put together this insightful paper outlining the Skoolbo course using data from our worldwide user base. The paper goes through the course outline of Skoolbo, detailing the sample sizes taken when collating our data for each topic. Also included are key metrics such as average improvement, average high scores and even the number of answers a student completes per minute.

With over a BILLION questions answered by 31,000 schools, students using Skoolbo have achieved over 9.8 million Personal Learning Bests in total. Given the sheer amount of answers to date on Skoolbo, it’s even more impressive that 87.8% of questions were answered correctly and contributed to an average of 28% improvement in students across the board. On such a massive number, these accuracy and improvement figures are testament to the effectiveness of the Skoolbo algorithm.

Our algorithm adapts to the individual ability of a student and provides a personalised learning experience for each. With over 250 literacy and numeracy skills to learn, students are given a challenging yet rewarding program that facilitates success and promotes a positive learning experience. The adaptive nature of Skoolbo has also yielded the mastery of a new literacy or numeracy skill by 94% of students after a mere 20 minutes of game time!

If you really want to get the lowdown on Skoolbo, make sure you check out this fantastic paper and help maximise the learning of your kids!

Download our recent white paper to see the real improvement Skoolbo kids are achieving!

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Wakana Primary School! – One million club!


With a total of 23 classes, 7 of them alone google maps wanaka schoolanswering 75,000 questions each and 7 Skoolbo Super Champs (individuals answering over 10,000 each), it’s no wonder Wanaka has hit the magic Million.
Casey a teacher from Room 5, sent us through some wonderful feedback and pictures of her very happy class playing their favorite educational game!

“As a teacher, I like Skoolbo because it’s very easy to follow. The children are able to work on it independently – right from the logging on stage. I like that it focuses on relevant things like basic facts, sounds and sight words – all children need practice with these things especially my group of year 1 and 2s. It’s cool that they play against other children and the element of competition is fun. It’s a fun way to learn but the children see it as more fun than learning! From an administration side I find the settings easy to manage and the website is helpful. I like being able to see who has been active on the game recently and often show the children these parts.” Casey Adams, Room 5.

The children from Room 5 said they like it because…


  • you can buy things with the points
  • you can be a superhero
  • you can get a lucky prize and get points in the boxes
  • its good learning – it has good maths games
  • they like the mystery prizes
  • they like the races and seeing the other people racing
  • you can see how many points you and your classmate have
  • Hank says “It is good learning for me”

Wanaka Primary School keep up the awesome work-especially coming into the Skoolbo World Cup!

Go Wanaka Primary School Go!

Kerikeri Primary

Kerikeri Primary School has an incredible history of being New Zealand’s first school. Set up by Thomas Kendall, a missionary in August 1816. Kerikeri is in the Northland region of New Zealand. Coincidentally, they are now also one of the first New Zealand schools to join the Skoolbo One Million Club, for schools answering over one million Skoolbo questions.

They are a Year 1 – 6 contributing state school, with a roll ranging from 480 – 550 students.

With the help of 13 Skoolbo Super Champs, including three from David Kirklands Room 20. David introduced Skoolbo to Kerikeri primary when he moved schools from an existing Skoolbo user. Kerikeri primary encourage there students to BYOD which has helped greatly with the schools vision to embrace technology.

David commented that Skoolbo is;

“It is a great motivational tool as there are so many rewards, prizes, things that want to keep them going on”

Recently the school has had an ultra fast broadband connection installed and are developing new ways for students to access the curriculum using a range of technologies across the school.

An incredible history matched with a very bright future!

Go Kerikeri Primary School Go !

Half a Billion Skoolbo Answers

A super exciting achievement this week with children across the world now answering over half a BILLION Skoolbo questions… a mind blowing effort!


Most importantly we have seen over 365,000 examples of children improving numeracy and literacy skills by 100%, a terrific result.

Below is a list of New Zealand schools who have answered a million questions or more.

School Name Province Answers Average Improvement
Omanu School BOP 1123197 39%
Drury School AUK 1082826 39%

Congratulations to all children involved in reaching this massive milestone!

Go Skoolbo Kids Go!

Introducing Teams Captains for New Zealand: Carisbrook School!


Katrina Munro and her class Ruru from Carisbrook School are today's Skoolbo World Cup Team Captains.

They are currently in the TOP 100 classes in the World Cup, and their school is currently number 18 on the leader board:



Class Ruru on Skoolbo:

“I like being a Super hero.”

“It’s awesome, you can do it at home and school.”

“I have been first in our school, NZ one day, and even a leader in the World.”

“I like buying things for my room.”

“You learn Maths and Reading.”

“It’s cool how you can buy stuff for your house and you can buy planes and even a dragon.”

“I like the games you can play.”

“It’s fun because you play against other kids from other school”

“I like flying around in my plane.”

“My Mum and Dad let me use their computer to play it.”

“I am fast at doing my Maths now.”


From Katrina:

"The children love Skoolbo so much and we have noted significant engagement and accuracy through the programmes. We have added it to so many BYO devices which has supported the time we are on it. As a Teacher knowing each child is catered for with interactive activities relevant and at their individual is magical.”

carisbrook1Go Team New Zealand!



Introducing Team Captains for New Zealand: Mt Maunganui Primary School

Mount Maunganui Primary School are today’s Skoolbo World Cup Team Captains.

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Deputy principal Hadleigh Benson puts the school's fantastic result down to his pupils' continued engagement with anytime learning, where children not only learn in class but take learning home with them.

"Parents have been using this app as a way of motivating their child to succeed," says Hadleigh, who reckons it's good to buy into a bit of healthy competition.

"Our students enjoy healthy competition against their brothers, sisters and friends in different classes with learning competitions.

"Updates on which student is performing well across the school is promoted school-wide."

They are currently in the top 12 Schools in the World Cup table-Awesome job!!



Keep up the great work, Mt Maunganui, only 1 and 1/2 days to get those Aussies!!


Introducing Team Captains for New Zealand: Beach Haven Primary School!


Raphael Ferraz da Costa Lima and his class Room 7 at Beach Haven Primary School are today's Skoolbo World Cup Team Captains.

The students couldn’t be happier about playing Skoolbo, here’s what they have to say:


Gabrielle "What I love about Skoolbo is that it helps me to improve my literacy knowledge, especially with my spelling".

Ciara "Skoolbo is helpful because it helps me in maths and makes me improve my learning. It is good for learning your times table or telling the time".

Shumsia "Skoolbo has helped me at literacy and mathematics. It made me better at my 11x table quick and easy. I want to keep playing, so I keep getting better at my maths. I also like earning points and dressing up my character. I have graduated from my spelling 1 to 9. So Skoolbo rocks!

Alize "Skoobo has really helped with my maths, especially with my times table".

Rachel "Skoolbo helps me with my Maths, spelling and blending. I like the activities because they challenge me. R7 have won more than 100,000 correct answers. I love Skoolbo because it helps me with everything".

Sophie "Skoolbo helps me learn by challenging me with hard times tables. Skoolbo doesn't just help me with Maths. It helps me with reading and writing too. What I really love about Skoolbo is that it is not just a fun game, it is a game to teach kids and it also helps teachers to teach little kid".

Ava "Skoolbo is helpful because it challenges you on riming and other things too. It has helped me with riming words because I'm not really good with riming words. I get better and better each time I play Skoolbo".

Lydia "Skollbo helps me in my maths mostly. i'm working on my times table. The good thing about Skoolbo is that is helps me with my learning very well. I love Skoolbo very much, because it improves your learning and the fun thing about it is that its a game for children but while you play you are learning too".

AJ " Skoolbo helps me learn my times table, take away, pluses and division. Skoolbo helps me get smarter".

Kyson "Skoolbo helps me with my learning while i'm having fun"

Gavanni "Skoolbo helps me with my learning, especially in maths. I love to have fun and learn at the same time".

Jaymes " Skoolbo helps me with my spelling and maths. I have learned lots about maths and now I'm much better at it".

Raphael's thoughts on Skoolbo:

Skoolbo is a great application that helps children to improve their learning whilst having fun. I use Skoolbo in my classroom on a daily basis as part of my reading and maths tumble. I find it very helpful, as children are always motivated to have a go and without noticing they are improving their learning.

I had students who were not very confident with their basic facts knowledge, times table or take aways and since we've started using Skoolbo they have made huge progress with their maths knowledge. I also had students who spelling weren't their best and they now have made great progress in their spelling.

I really like Skoolbo and I would definitely continue to use in my classroom and also as part of my homework programme. I have had many positive feedback from parents on how they children are so much more engaged with their learning since we've started to use it as part of our homework system. Thanks Skoolbo, I will for sure continue to use you next year in my classroom.