Skoolbo World Cup 2016 – Final Results

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The final results are in for the Skoolbo World Cup, and the winner for two years in a row is Team Australia!  Well done neighbours!



We certainly started off with a black out but unfortunately were over taken by the bigger nations.  I want to thank our team captains for all the effort they put into the videos they kindly shared with us! Special mention has to go to Room 8 from Papakura School for their amazing mannequin challenge video I think this is still the best yet!!!

Room 8 Papakura School Mannequin Challenge

In 4 days NZ students answered 611,972 Skoolbo questions with The Dunes from Mt Manguanui School finishing up in world, top 10 classes with 38,404 answers.  I’m sure those wonderful minds will be looking forward to a #Brain Break over the holidays.



Students all over the world answered more than 10.4 million questions! – Wow that is a wonderful effort and I am so proud of each and everyone of you that took part.

Thank you all for a fun-filled, challenging and nail-biting World Cup. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Happy Holidays from the Skoolbo Team.

The Last Day!

This is it – the final day! Team New Zealand let’s finish big!

Since the first day, you have been awesome, you just need to keep going a little longer.

Team Australia have a strong lead and may be hard to catch but Team GB and Team USA will be doing their best to overtake you so we can’t relax.


Keep playing!



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It's Day 3 and Team New Zealand make the half million mark!

It’s the start of day three and the leader boards reveal that Team New Zealand, Team GB and Team USA are fighting a close battle but it is Team Australia who are seemingly impossible to topple!

1However, here at Skoolbo, we firmly believe that anything is possible so come on Team New Zealand, let’s get ready to take on the Aussies!

We have passed the half million answer mark and now that Team GB and Team USA are sleeping we have a chance to cover some ground and get more Kiwi schools into the top ten. Here’s how the leader boards looked earlier today –


Australia’s John XXIII Catholic Primary School and St Clare’s Primary School are looking comfortable at the top with St Michael’s School sneaking into fourth place. Team USA had a good day and have four schools in the top ten. Beverley Manor Elementary are continuing their good run as are Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary and Melba Elementary School. Spring Creek Elementary are also up there flying the Stars and Stripes!

Don’t be fooled by Team New Zealand’s temporary absence on the schools leader board. We have some dedicated classes determined to oust Team Australia and claim glory. Room 08 from Papakura Normal School, Room 14 from Marlborough School and Room 11 from Greytown School had great days yesterday –


Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

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Day 2 is underway! Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

By lunchtime yesterday, children from across the globe had collectively answered over one million questions! We thought that was pretty amazing until we took a look this morning…over three and a half million questions!

Day 2

This is an awesome achievement and everyone taking part has every reason to feel enormously proud. Of course it is made all the more special as every answer given represents another step a student has made towards mastering a new maths, literacy or language skill!

Whilst we are delighted with our collective performance, it is the accomplishment of individual territories that will determine the overall winner and New Zealand is ready for the challenge!

This is how the leader board looked yesterday –

Leaderboard 1

The amazing effort by St Clare’s Primary School on day one meant that they managed to hold on to the top spot despite a strong performance from Team GB’s Knockloughrim Primary School. Team New Zealand’s Greytown School and Papakura Normal School did well and secured prestigious places in the top ten as did Team USA’s Beverley Manor Elementary. The seemingly unbeatable Roseville Public School, St Michael’s School, John XXIII Catholic School and Yugumbir State School stayed in the top ten but it was ‘all change’ only hours later –

Leaderboard 2

Papamoa School pulled out all the stops to edge their way into the top ten for Team New Zealand – incredible effort! Can Team New Zealand pass the half million mark?

Team GB and Team USA have their work cut out – watch this space!

Go! Kiwi Kids Go!

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3, 2, 1, Go! The World Cup Has Started!

gif 4

The wait is over, the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup has commenced!
Team New Zealand have made a flying start, although the time difference has given you a few more playing hours (as it stands). But it’s only day one and we have already surpassed the global one million answer mark! Fantastic!

Day 1


Australian schools have dominated the leader boards on the first day. As it stands, St Clare’s Primary School are looking hard to beat but a concerted effort from two Kiwi schools – Greytown School and Papakura Normal School could topple them. Team GB have nudged their way into the top ten and their day isn’t over yet. It’s all still to play for…

LeaderboardTeam New Zealand, you have made an awesome start, let’s aim to continue the momentum tomorrow!

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Are you ready to win?


It’s time to show the world what team NZ can do. On Tuesday, the 6th December children across New Zealand will compete with children in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States for the title of World Skoolbo Champion. Answer as many questions as you can on reading, maths and languages during the 4 day event.

Check out our Talented Team Captains – Room 8 from Papakura Normal School doing the Kiwi Skoolbo World Cup Mannequin challenge –

Would you share with us your World Cup preparations?

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go Kiwi Kids! Go!

The Skoolbo World Cup is just around the corner! Let’s WIN NZ!

The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a third year! Children in NZ will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the USA, UK and Australia.

Running from Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th of December, your students’ avatars will wear a new Team NZ uniform. Every question your students answer correctly puts NZ one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate and engage students to learn by answering lots of maths and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 6th…

Go Kiwi Kids! Go!

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2015 Skoolbo World Cup Recap – What a Week!

WC Header

The 2015 Skoolbo World Cup is all over and Team Australia have brought home the trophy, beating off stiff competition from the rest of the world after a fantastic week of action-packed fun! So much great stuff happened during this world cup and we at Skoolbo would like to thank everyone for making it such a resounding success. This year, you’ve answered a combined total of 19,026,100 literacy, numeracy and language questions, with Teams Australia, USA and GB all comfortably joining the million club! Team NZ were only a whisker away from the magic million and should be over the moon with your brilliant performance! Let’s take a look at how the action went down as the world cup raged on:

Final Leaderboard

Team GB Trend Setters

Team GB came out of the blocks at a blistering pace and finished the first day on top of the overall leaderboards. They were closely followed by the rest of the world and this really did set the competitive mood for the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup. We knew you were all up for it!

Lucky Number 7

Day two passed and Team Australia struck back for the rest of the world, leapfrogging Team GB into top spot! Team USA and Team NZ were racking up some unbelievable scores and really heaping the pressure on. We were positively peachy when we saw that you guys had taken down over 7 million questions within the first 2 days. Crazy! The schools leaderboard started to take shape, too, with Meadowbrook Primary School of Team GB grabbing a lead they were never ready to give up!

Whirlwind Weekend

The action hit boiling point when world cup fever took hold of the weekend. Nearly 12 million questions were lined up and knocked down by Skoolbo superstars around the world! Team GB took back the lead from Team Australia and tried to get some distance from Team NZ and Team USA, who would just not let them get away. King-Chavez Athletics Academy were starting to make tracks for Team USA in the schools leaderboard, with Bayswater from Team NZ cranking up the pressure!

Battles for the Ages

It was getting close to the end of the world cup and epic battles were happening all across the leaderboards. Team Australia and Team GB were enjoying a titanic struggle on the overall leaderboard, followed by long-time leaders Meadowbrook frantically holding off a late surge from Beverley Manor Elementary of Team USA on the schools leaderboard. Bayswater and King-Chavez Athletics Academy were trading blows and places on the classes leaderboard, with 3 Aussie students doing their best to hold off 3 Team GB students on the students leaderboard!

The Home Straight

Over 18 million questions in and both Team GB and Team Australia joined the million club, with Team USA soon to follow and Team NZ putting in some wonderful work. A very even mix of countries could be seen across the schools leaderboard, with Meadowbrook refusing to let go of that top spot! Bayswater managed to create some distance at the top of the classes leaderboard, knowing a very capable and spirited bunch could overtake them at any time. The students leaderboard was as unpredictable as it was exciting, with John XXIII Catholic Primary School just about holding onto top spot ahead of some incredibly high-scoring competitors!

Final Whistle

They think it’s all over, it is now! A tense final day saw our overall winners, Team Australia, come good when it mattered most. On the schools leaderboard John XXIII Catholic Primary School snatched victory at the last second from long-time leaders, Meadowbrook, while Class 5 at Bayswater did Team NZ proud by taking home gold on the classes leaderboard. The students leaderboard finished with a flourish and top spot went to Team Australia via the student in Class 6 White at John XXIII Catholic Primary School, after an heroic fight to the end with a fellow Aussie student in Class 5W at St. Clare’s Primary School.

What a world cup it’s been and thank you to every that took part and made it so special. Check out our video below with some of the best bits from this year! We can’t wait for next year and we hope you all feel the same!

And the Winner Is…

Final Leaderboard

The 2015 Skoolbo World Cup has come to an end and a huge congratulations to Team Australia, our new Skoolbo world champions! Over the course of the world cup, kids around the globe answered a staggering 19,026,100 questions. A massive THANK YOU to everyone that took part, we’re already super excited for the 2016 event and can’t wait for it to come around!

We’ll have more on the overall results soon, so stay tuned…

The Story So Far – Time is Running Out!

Carisbrook Social

Above: Students from Carisbrook getting their practice in for the world cup!

The clock is ticking on the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup and with only just over 4 hours left, time is running out for Team NZ to make a break for the top!

Time Left

As of today, kids around the world have answered an impossible 18,104,345 questions and counting!! Team NZ are just behind Team USA at the moment and still have time to overtake them, with Team Australia and Team GB seemingly battling it out for top spot. UNLESS… Team NZ go crazy for questions and show them who’s boss!

Overall Leaderboard

On the schools leaderboard, Bayswater are doing some unbelievable work across the last stretch, climbing up another spot in the top 5 and they really look to be genuine contenders for the top school accolade! Drury are also doing Team NZ proud, keeping up appearances in the top 10 and smashing the 150,000 score mark in the process! Fantastic showing!
Schools leaderboard

On the classes leaderboard, Class 5 at Bayswater have launched themselves into the stratosphere and started to pull away at the top of the table, being the only class that have scorched through over 120,000 questions! We’ve got the kids in Class Senior from Coley Street in the top 5 also, after they answered a ridiculously good 12,000 questions yesterday. Room 16 in Drury, we’ve got our eye on you too and want you to go from the terrific top 10 to the fabulous top 5 before the end of this world cup. We know you’ve got it in you!

Classes leaderboard

On the students leaderboard we’ve got the Skoolbo superstar from Class 5 in Bayswater still climbing the table and going from top 10 to top 5 overnight, that is a tremendous effort and we’re so proud to have you on board to help Team NZ. Keep up the great work and you’ve got a wonderful chance of being the #1 student in this year’s world cup!

Students leaderboard

There’s not much time left in the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup, Team NZ needs you now more than ever to make that final push across the line and get the best score possible. We’re all counting on you so Let’s go, Kiwi Kids!

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