Team Captain Time – Willow Park School

Willow Park Social

Our final Team Captain introduction goes to the students of Room 9 in Willow Park, Auckland and we’d like to start by telling you that this awesome school is actively engaged in the promotion of eLearning, which is absolutely fantastic! The school has also turned a number of classrooms into what they call a “Modern Learning Environment”, transforming these rooms into modern areas that make the learning environment even better for children!

As well as that, Willow Park have introduced the “In Your Element” programme, where they encourage their students to get involved in subjects and activities that they really enjoy and that make them feel “in their element”. Pretty cool, huh? With a vision like “inquire together, inspire forever” it’s little wonder that Willow Park have put so much into giving the students the best possible environment in which to thrive. Way to go, guys!

Speaking of the students, the kids at Willow Park have shared with us some of the reasons they love Skoolbo and you can read these below:

  • Alegra Casey says it’s not always about getting the answer right, it’s about having fun and trying your best. We couldn’t agree more, Alegra!
  • Oliver Heslop reckons it’s really cool that you can learn and have fun at the same time while playing Skoolbo. You know what, Oliver? That IS really cool!
  • Adam Karem loves to learn about different languages on Skoolbo. Adam, you’ll be the one teaching us adults in no time!
  • Kiera Miller is a fan of learning maths using Skoolbo. We hope you’ll keep it up, Kiera, because we’re a huge fan of yours, too!
  • Lucy MacDonald tells us that she likes that Skoolbo allows her to learn about a whole range of topics, including reading, literacy and maths. We hope you’re learning a whole bunch on these topics, Lucy!
  • Mason Field loves the prizes you get from playing Skoolbo and the fact that from hard work comes reward. That’s a life lesson right there, Mason!
  • Raed Ur Rehman loves Skoolbo simply because it’s fun. We love that you’re having fun with Skoolbo, Raed!
  • Florence Carey likes getting certificates on Skoolbo and getting her parents to print them so she can show off her achievements. Make sure you keep your parents on their toes, Florence!

Thanks so much for all your kind words and keep up the phenomenal work you’re doing at Willow Park!

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Team Captain Time – St. Joseph’s Catholic School

St. Joseph's Social

Above: Students from St. Joseph’s getting ready to lift the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup!

We’re delighted to introduce St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Dargaville as today’s featured captains for Team NZ! Teacher, Carla Hill, decided to introduce Skoolbo to the students in February of this year and has been thrilled with the results so far, speaking to Stuff she said:

“They challenge themselves and each other, every day… and the kids are thriving!”

The students at St. Joseph’s also entered the World Education Games, winning an amazing 12 bronze medals over the course of 3 days and racking up points that could be converted into UNICEF dollars. These dollars could then be used to buy supplies for schools in less-developed countries around the world. That’s a positively fantastic achievement guys and we’re really proud to have you as part of the Skoolbo team!

St Josephs 2

Above: Another Skoolbo superstar from St. Joseph’s ready for the world cup!

We’re sure the World Education Games also helped the kids practice for the Skoolbo World Cup, but just in case that wasn’t enough they kept on their toes by taking part in an inter-class challenge each term and every student that reaches 10,000 points gets an award. They really are a committed bunch at St. Joseph’s and everyone involved sees just how beneficial Skoolbo has been, with Carla telling Stuff:

“The prize is an incentive but the kids have taken ownership of their learning and are happy to do Skoolbo at home. Children, parents and teachers can instantly see the child’s achievements as well as where they get stuck, where the gaps in their learning lay.”

Awesome work guys, keep it up and we know we’ll see you on the leaderboards before the end of this world cup! Before we go, here’s a quick word from the students at St. Joseph’s!

If you’d like to read the full article from Stuff, click here!

The Story So Far – Team NZ Back in the Game!

NZ Generic Social

We’re into the final days of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup and the race to the top is closer than ever, with Team NZ closing the gap on the rest of the world after some great recovery work yesterday. Kiwi Kids are breathing down the neck of Team USA and will most certainly overtake them if this rate of scoring keeps up! Everyone involved so far can be super proud, as nearly 15 million questions have been answered so far!

Overall Leaderboard

On the schools leaderboard we’ve got HUGE news, as Bayswater have shot up from the top 10 and smashed into the top 5, unbelievable work ethic from these superstars! Drury are also doing wonderful things on the schools leaderboard, repping Team NZ in the top 10 on almost 140,000 questions answered! You guys are showing fantastic commitment to the Team NZ cause, keep it up!

Schools leaderboard

Even if we’re slightly behind on the overall leaderboard, Team NZ are still owning the classes leaderboard with 3 classes representing the Kiwi Kids. It’s looking more and more likely that we’re going to have a Team NZ coming in as the best overall class in the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup and we’re behind you all the way! Class 5 at Bayswater have stepped it up again and are now number 1 class in the world today! Class Senior at Coley Street and Room 16 at Drury aren’t far behind, showing the rest of the world how class teamwork can get you to the top!

Classes leaderboard

On the students leaderboard we’ve still got our Bayswater student from Class 5 climbing up the table stealthily and closing in on that top 5 spot! We know the rest of Team NZ are urging you on but no matter what happens, we’ll all be as proud as punch with the way you’re stepping up for the team!

Students leaderboard

Clearly, Team NZ has taken a tough weekend on the chin and turned it into motivation to answer more questions. You’ve caught up on the rest of the world and have totally taken over the classes leaderboard, but don’t stop now because with a strong finish you never know what can happen!

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The Story So Far – World Cup Weekend

Verran Primary School 833x455

Source: Skoolbo Superstars from Verran Primary School, Auckland

The weekend has come and gone, with kids from all around the world answering nearly 12 MILLION questions so far, that is positively insane! Big up to Team NZ, who have answered almost 650,000 questions and blown our minds here at Skoolbo. But it’s not over yet, Kiwi Kids, we need you to pick up the pace because it looks like Team Australia and Team GB were very sneaky over the weekend and answered a lot of questions while Team NZ was taking a well-deserved breather. There’s still so much time to catch up and we know you will so don’t lose heart!
Overall leaderboard

Judging by the schools leaderboard Team NZ are still most definitely in the running for this world cup. We can see the Skoolbo superstars at Drury and Bayswater still battling hard in the top 10 and showing the rest of the world that Team NZ aren’t going to go down without a fight! Don’t let up now, guys, you got this!
Schools leaderboard

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Team NZ are RULING the classes leaderboard with 3 out of the top 5 being represented by Kiwi Kids! Class 5 at Bayswater are still on fire, with Coley Street and Drury keeping the Kiwi monopoly going. Any one of you could be the #1 class in the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup, just keep it going!

Classes leaderboard

Bayswater have completed a clean sweep of all the leaderboards so far, with a student from Class 5 smashing the top 10 on the students leaderboard. You guys at Bayswater really are stepping up to the plate when the heat is on and we salute you! Just make sure that you don’t let this slip, it would be absolutely amazing to have a school representing Team NZ across all the leaderboards!

Students leaderboard

It’s been a tough weekend overall for the Kiwi Kids, but the fact that you’re still in the running shows just how hard you’ve all been working for the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup. We’re so proud of you and want you to try your best until the very end!

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Weekend for the Win!!

Weekend for the Win!! (1)

We’re calling on all of our Skoolbo superstars from Team NZ to jump onto Skoolbo over the weekend and go the extra mile for world cup glory! That’s right, while the rest of the world is having a snooze or taking a few days off, you have the opportunity to rack up some sneaky points by playing the Skoolbo World Cup challenge this weekend! Just remember, the more time you put into answering as many questions as you can, the better chance your country will have of winning the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup.

You’ll also be helping your schools and classes climb up their leaderboards and be in with a great chance of seeing yourself appear on top of the students leaderboard! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be the #1 student in this year’s Skoolbo World Cup? Get cracking, kids, it’s all to play for!

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Team Captain Time – Bayswater

Bayswater 1

Today, we’re delighted to introduce one of our Team Captains for Team NZ in the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup, Bayswater School in Auckland! Bayswater has 900 students in the school and prides itself on its strong student leadership, high success rates in literacy and numeracy (assisted by Skoolbo, we hope!) and also in providing opportunities for children to develop their talents in the performing arts such as music, singing and the kapa haka! Bayswater offer unique services such as tuition for students whose first language isn’t English, as well as before and after school care programmes.

Every year they throw the Bayswater Kids Duathlon and Fun Run, which is one of the major fundraising initiatives for the school. Skoolbo would like to congratulate them because this year in particular was very special, where they held the 20th anniversary of the Bayswater Kids Duathlon and Fun Run in November. It’s an absolutely fantastic achievement to have such a great family event maintaining success for so many years!


Bayswater aren’t done there, either! The school also engages in Environmental Education for Sustainability and won the Green-Gold Enviroschool Award in 2011. As part of this initiative, students have learned about things like our native ecosystems, caring for the sea and have also tried their hands at a spot of worm farming!

The kids at Bayswater and their teacher, Rose Gammie, have had all hands to the pump during the Skoolbo World Cup, helping Team NZ on the way to over 400,000 questions answered so far. Bayswater even have a class in the top 3 of the class leaderboard coming into day 3, with Class 5 flying the flag and answering a mind-boggling 30,962 questions!

Here’s a clip of some of the great kids from Bayswater telling us why they love Skoolbo so much and how they rate Team NZ’s chances of winning the world cup. You’re doing a fantastic job so far, guys, keep up the good work!

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World Cup Day Three – NZ Take Over Classes Leaderboard!

Bayswater Team Captains

Above: Students from Beach Haven School!

We’re straight into day 3 of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup and Team NZ are picking up where they left off, answering a blistering 439,049 questions and closing the gap on the leaders! At this rate, Team NZ will be joining the Million Club before the end of this world cup! The overall leaderboard couldn’t be tighter, with each country smashing the 400,000 mark and a total of over 7 MILLION questions answered so far by kids around the world, unbelievable!

Leaderboard Day Two

The competition for the top school shows no sign of letting up, with Drury School answering nearly 70,000 questions so far. Drury are doing a super job representing Team NZ and have smashed the top 5 with their efforts! We’re only into day 3, so there’s still lots of time for more Team NZ schools to answer their way into top spot!
Schools Leaderboard Day 2

The classes leaderboard has been all but taken over by Team NZ, with 3 of the top 5 classes being filled by the Kiwis! Class 5 in Bayswater have answered over 30,000 questions to cement their place after coming into day 3, with Class S3NIOR from Coley Street and Room 16 from Drury completing the takeover. Great work, guys!

Classes Leaderboard
On the student leaderboard, it’s a big up to a student from the superstars in Room 16 at Drury, who has cracked a spot in the top 10 students in the world today! Team NZ have taken over the class leaderboard, so now it’s time to take over the students!

Students Leaderboard Day 3

Don’t stop now, Kiwi Kids. It’s only day 3 and you’re doing an amazing job so keep up the pace until the very end and you’ll be in with a wonderful chance of taking home this trophy!

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The Story So Far – World Cup Day One

world cup let the games begin twitter (1)

Day one of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup is over and what an unbelievable start we’ve had! Every country has come flying out of the blocks and answered bucket loads of questions in such a short space of time. Team GB have pulled slightly ahead of Team Australia and moved into the lead while Team USA and Team NZ have plenty of time to climb further up the leaderboard.

Our top three schools so far are from Team GB and Team USA, but Meadowbrook Primary School is absolutely tearing it up on top of the leaderboard with over 33,000 questions answered so far! Not far behind is Beverley Manor Elementary, closely followed by IRMA Dru Hutchison Elementary. Keep up the pace, guys, and you have a fantastic chance of being the top school in the WORLD on Skoolbo!

WC school

Team GB are leading the class leaderboard too, with Class Voles of Meadowbrook Primary School top of the pile on over 12,000 questions answered. But there’s no time to rest, because hot on their trail are Team USA’s Class B4 from King-Chavez Athletics Academy and Team NZ’s Class 5 from Bayswater School. All to play for in the top class category of the Skoolbo World Cup!

WC classes

It couldn’t be tighter at the stop of the student leaderboard, where we’ve got two students from Team GB and one from Team Australia neck and neck (and neck!) on over 1,800 questions answered each! Ahead by a hair’s breadth we have a student from Year 6 in Limbrick Wood Primary School, closely followed by a student in Class 6A at Melton South Primary School. Almost on the same score is a student from Class Voles in our overall leading school, Meadowbrook Primary School!

WC students

Everyone keep up the awesome work and hold onto your hats because this is shaping up to be a crazy Skoolbo World Cup!

World Cup Day One – Team NZ on Fire!

world cup let the games begin twitter (2)

Day 1 of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup has come to a close and it’s safe to say that Team NZ are right in the mix! You’ve answered a spectacular 124,614 questions so far and this is rising every single minute! Team NZ are sitting happily in third spot at the moment, but catching up rapidly with Team GB and Team Australia. Keep up this crazy pace and we know you’ll be top of the leaderboard in double quick time!

We’re delighted to give a shout out to Bayswater and Drury, who are both in the top 10 on the school leaderboard. Did we mention that this is top 10 in the whole world?! Bayswater have racked up 17,581 answers and Drury have hit 17,420! Bearing in mind that this was only day 1, that is a seriously cool achievement. Keep up the great work and we know you’ll do even better in the next few days!

NZ Schools

Class 5 from Bayswater and Class 3 from Kaniere are repping Team NZ to THE MAX with both classes in the top 5 on the class leaderboard! Class 5 in Bayswater have answered an insane 11,489 out of the 17,581 questions answered by Bayswater school, while Class 3 in Kaniere have hammered home answers to 6,582 questions. You guys are on fire!

NZ Kaniere Class NZ Bayswater Class

On the student leaderboard, Team NZ have 2 superstars in the top 6. We’ve got a student from Class KOWHAI in Heathcote Valley and Room 11 in Greytown notching up an amazing score of 1,598 each! If you keep up this pace, we just might have joint top students in the world coming from Team NZ!

NZ Students

This is only day 1, guys, so you have plenty of time to rack up more points and get your hands on the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup. We know you’ll do it and we’re behind you all the day!

The World Cup is almost here! Here's how you can get your students playing from home

World Cup blog header

The Skoolbo World Cup Countdown Is On!

Are you ready to win New Zealand? This Wednesday on the 2nd of December, Kiwi kids will be battling it out on the World Cup leaderboards to answer as many literacy, numeracy and language questions as possible over the 7 day period with the goal to become Skoolbo World Champions!

You can see how well your class and school are going by visiting our Skoolbo homepage which will turn into a dedicated World Cup challenge page! Here you will be able to see the live totaliser and get leaderboard updates! Will we be seeing your classroom at the top?

You can get your students playing from home with ease by downloading the World Cup parent newsletter printout. This specially designed newsletter explains what the challenge is about and has a quick start guide on how to get students logged in and playing from home. Simply get your students to fill our their username and password in class to make things easier.

This challenge is a great way to motivate children to learn and improve their skills with Skoolbo.

We look forward to seeing your class on our leaderboards!

Follow the hashtag #SkoolboWorldCup on twitter!

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