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Vogeltown 100As well as reaching the 1 million mark, Vogeltown School “The best school in New Plymouth” has just turned 100 years old.

Vogeltown is a decile 6 school with a role of just over 300 students.



Reaching the 1 million mark proves that Vogeltown school loves a challenge and to challenge their students, through both technology and physical activity. Cooking, mountain biking and gymnastics  are just some of the activities available to students at Vogeltown School. These activities are possible because teachers volunteer to share their outside interests as an extension activity for middle and senior students,  in order to stretch children to try new things.
Vogeltown RuggerIt’s pretty cool to see Rugger also makes an appearance at Vogeltown School both in person and through the new App (This is a FREE app that teaches spelling, Te Reo and Samoan).




Skoolbo was given some lovely teacher, student and parent feedback from Vogeltown School ;

“My kids love skoolbo and they really enjoy the spelling app on Ruggerland”

“Three parents have mentioned how Skoolbo has helped their child’s learning. One is particular, the parents couldn’t get their child interested in reading etc and now the first thing he wants to do when he gets home is play Skoolbo. They have seen a big change in his attitude and results at school”

Joanne Harold Room 5

“I use it everyday in my Senior Year 5/6 classroom and the children really love it. It’s great that the children can play against one another and choose their own topics. Presenting the Skoolbo 10,000 point trophy to the winners in the assemblies is a great celebration for their achievement. We have seen many junior school children achieve the 10,000 points and receive the trophy which their teachers are is ecstatic with.”

Josh Stirling Room 12

Some statements from kids are below;

“ I love learning new languages and customising my characters superheroes. Cody.S”

“ I love all the things you can buy with the bo coins and that you can face multiple schools around NZ. Kahn”

“ I like the fluency and spelling. Ruby”

“ I like the maths and learning new languages. Heremaia”

Vogeltown school loves Skoolbo and it shows, with an average improvement rate of 30%, and the help of 11 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 13656 Personal Bests.

Here are some cool kids from Mr Stirling’s Room 12 class having fun on Skoolbo.

Vogeltown -Room 11 & 12 (2)Vogeltown -Room 11 & 12 (8)

We are very excited to have you on board.



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