Fairhaven School is based in Te Puke – ‘Kiwifruit’ country. This school is a Decile 3 school with a roll of over 380 pupils and caters for Y1-6.

They are fully  ICT/technology focused with specific classes and ipads  available in each classroom. Fairhaven also has a dedicated computer suite, with a specialist ICT teacher.

Fairhaven has had a great many success through their work in the computer suite – this dates back to the establishment of the suite.

Fairhaven ipadfairhaven school on pc

There greatest achievement (other than the 1 million Skoolbo club of course!) is that they have managed to be a finalist in all 5 categories of the MADE (Movie and Digital Excellence) Awards since its inception in 2008. Taking out the Supreme award in 2013.

fairhaven made award winner

Weta workshop Supreme Award Winners in 2013

On top of it’s busy ICT life, Fairhaven School also runs a Maori bilingual Pod known as ‘Toitoi Manawa o Fairhaven”  This is a Level 2 Māori immersion unit (i.e. >50% instructional te reo)

Te Tipu’    Years 1-3   ‘Te Mahuri’    Years 4-6   

Fairhaven schools love of Skoolbo shows, with an average improvement rate of 28.6%, and the help of 14 Super Champs (Individuals who have answered over 10,000 questions), the students have also managed an amazing 13,101 Personal Bests.

You rock Fairhaven School-keep up the awesome work. Let’s get you into the 2 million club!

Fairhaven-logo_small_GO FAIRHAVEN SCHOOL GO!!

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