High Five to Hillcrest Normal School!!

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Answering one million questions on Skoolbo is an outstanding achievement and we are excited to welcome the students of Hillcrest Normal School to our Million Club, they join an elite group of 31 NZ schools. Only 233 Schools worldwide are members of this club!

Hillcrest Normal Laptops

With a role of 415 students and a school vision of “Developing lifelong learners who are confident, connected and actively involved in their learning”.  No wonder they have answered over 1 million question with 11,359 Personal Best, and an average improvement rate of 35.6%.

This kind of success doesn’t just happen and we know that reaching this level requires great determination and self-belief on behalf of the students. We’re sure they have also had wonderful enabling support from some pretty fantastic parents, carers and teachers.

Hillcrest Normal School CupcakesHillcrest Normal Climbing

Not only are the students from Hillcrest Normal School whizzes on Skoolbo but they are also amazingly active and super creative!!!!


Go Hillcrest Normal Go!!!!!

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