The Story So Far – Time is Running Out!

Carisbrook Social

Above: Students from Carisbrook getting their practice in for the world cup!

The clock is ticking on the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup and with only just over 4 hours left, time is running out for Team NZ to make a break for the top!

Time Left

As of today, kids around the world have answered an impossible 18,104,345 questions and counting!! Team NZ are just behind Team USA at the moment and still have time to overtake them, with Team Australia and Team GB seemingly battling it out for top spot. UNLESS… Team NZ go crazy for questions and show them who’s boss!

Overall Leaderboard

On the schools leaderboard, Bayswater are doing some unbelievable work across the last stretch, climbing up another spot in the top 5 and they really look to be genuine contenders for the top school accolade! Drury are also doing Team NZ proud, keeping up appearances in the top 10 and smashing the 150,000 score mark in the process! Fantastic showing!
Schools leaderboard

On the classes leaderboard, Class 5 at Bayswater have launched themselves into the stratosphere and started to pull away at the top of the table, being the only class that have scorched through over 120,000 questions! We’ve got the kids in Class Senior from Coley Street in the top 5 also, after they answered a ridiculously good 12,000 questions yesterday. Room 16 in Drury, we’ve got our eye on you too and want you to go from the terrific top 10 to the fabulous top 5 before the end of this world cup. We know you’ve got it in you!

Classes leaderboard

On the students leaderboard we’ve got the Skoolbo superstar from Class 5 in Bayswater still climbing the table and going from top 10 to top 5 overnight, that is a tremendous effort and we’re so proud to have you on board to help Team NZ. Keep up the great work and you’ve got a wonderful chance of being the #1 student in this year’s world cup!

Students leaderboard

There’s not much time left in the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup, Team NZ needs you now more than ever to make that final push across the line and get the best score possible. We’re all counting on you so Let’s go, Kiwi Kids!

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