Skoolbo World Cup 2016 – Final Results

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The final results are in for the Skoolbo World Cup, and the winner for two years in a row is Team Australia!  Well done neighbours!



We certainly started off with a black out but unfortunately were over taken by the bigger nations.  I want to thank our team captains for all the effort they put into the videos they kindly shared with us! Special mention has to go to Room 8 from Papakura School for their amazing mannequin challenge video I think this is still the best yet!!!

Room 8 Papakura School Mannequin Challenge

In 4 days NZ students answered 611,972 Skoolbo questions with The Dunes from Mt Manguanui School finishing up in world, top 10 classes with 38,404 answers.  I’m sure those wonderful minds will be looking forward to a #Brain Break over the holidays.



Students all over the world answered more than 10.4 million questions! – Wow that is a wonderful effort and I am so proud of each and everyone of you that took part.

Thank you all for a fun-filled, challenging and nail-biting World Cup. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Happy Holidays from the Skoolbo Team.

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